IDYD is a cutting-edge mentoring program designed to encourage, guide, and help grieving children heal from the loss of a parent due to violence, empowering them to channel their grief into greatness. Everyone's grief process is unique to that person, we are committed to walking with them however long it takes. IDYD's mentoring program is a safe place, and no we will NOT sit around in a circle crying the whole time, we are going to have fun, explore, discover, and learn who we are in this new reality. 
There will be awesome speakers, therapists available according to the need, and field trips. This has been on my heart of a while and I'm excited about the launch, please come out and support this endeavor. If you know a child who lost a parent to Violence, please bring them out. We will have registration on sight! And please share!


Put your passion to work.

We are constantly looking for Volunteers to assist us with our Events, Promotions, and Activism!  If you are looking to Join the Movement in a more functional way, please feel free to contact us.  You should be informed that since we work with children, we do extensive background checks!  You should be prepared to go through this process.

We also are looking to connect with Local Organizations, City Officials, and/or Businesses that iDENTIFY with our cause.  If you believe you can add value to what we are working to do here at IDYD, then we welcome your assistance in our efforts.  You too should drop us a line or give our Executive Director a call!

We extend our sincerest THANKS to those that have volunteered and/or partnered with us over the years!  We look forward to extending our alliances, and our reach, in the years to come.